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Leadership and Administration

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Dan Schwartz

Daniel L. Schwartz, Faculty Director
I. James Quillen Dean and Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Educational Technology
Stanford Graduate School of Education

Kristen Blair

Kristen Pilner Blair, Director of Research, Digital Learning
Kristin Barklund picture

Kristin Barklund, Program Coordinator
Geoff Cox picture

Geoffrey M. Cox, Director, Stanford Learning Partners
Olivia Crawford picture

Olivia B. Crawford, Chief Operating Officer
Elizabeth Kozelski picture

Elizabeth Kozleski, Faculty Co-Director, Learning Differences
Ira Lit picture

Ira Lit, Faculty Co-Director, Learning Differences
Nereyda Salinas photo

Nereyda Salinas, Co-Director, Stanford Learning Partners
Jason Wilmot photo

Jason Wilmot, Director of Communications