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Showcase | Digital Learning Design Challenge

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Join last year’s Design Challenge participants, who range from first-year undergrads to fifth-year Ph.D. candidates and come from schools and departments across campus.

Round 1:

This highlight reel showcases pitches from the first pitch event for the Digital Learning Design Challenge.

Research Award Winners

Congratulations to these teams for winning Research Awards of up to $9,000, along with $1,500 Seed Grants.


Peer Teach logo

PeerTeach trains math students to be effective peer tutors and harnesses classroom data to identify each student’s learning gaps and the right classmate to fill them.

Soren Rosier, Ph.D. Candidate, Learning Sciences & Technology Design, Stanford 
Eric Garcia, MS Candidate, Computer Science, Stanford 
Sohan Vichare, Undergraduate, Computer Science and Mathematics, Stanford
Ojas Karnavat, Senior, Monte Vista High School

Health U

Health U logo

Health U is bringing patient health education into the 21st century through microlearning, delivering digestible bite-sized lessons and microcoaching to the smartphones of our busy on-the-go users.

Emily Subbins, MBA Candidate, Graduate School of Business, Stanford 
Jonathan Siktberg, MD Candidate, Vanderbilt School of Medicine; MBA Candidate, Graduate School of Business, Stanford 

Little Tingz

Little Tingz logo

Little Tingz is an AI-powered blended learning product that through play helps children visualize, understand, and share abstract thoughts and emotions, offering parents insights about their children’s emotional wellbeing.

Merve Cerit, Ph.D. Candidate, Learning Sciences & Technology Design, Stanford
Daniela Vainer, MA, Learning, Design & Technology, Stanford


Sonder logo

Sonder is an open-source nonprofit platform aiming to dynamically evaluate and reduce bias in internet search.

Saurabh Khanna, Ph.D. Candidate, Educational Policy, Stanford 
Shruti Jain, Data Scientist, Atlas AI


EpicConnect logo

EpicConnect is a productivity platform for fellowship programs that serve community college instructors, building connection, enhancing belonging & helping participants collaborate on their fellowship projects.

Nelson Endebo, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Comparative Literature, Stanford 
Fyza Parviz, M.A. Student, Liberal Arts Program; Co-director, Poetic Media Lab, Stanford
Ellis Schriefer, PhD Candidate, Iberian and Latin American Cultures, Stanford

Seed Grant Award Winners

Congratulations to these teams for winning Seed Grants of $1,500. 

Virtual Community Board

Community Board logo

Virtual Community Board consolidates and categorizes enriching, crowdsourced virtual events, facilitating the participation of high school students in workshops, webinars, social gatherings, and more.

Star Doby, Undergraduate, Mathematics and Computer Science, Stanford 
Alina Chou, Undergraduate, Stanford
Megan Kohanarieh, Undergraduate, Santa Monica College

Stapoo Education

Stapoo logo

We equip low income students in India  with Digital Literacy skills, to empower them to become independent learners  with the help of the internet.

Ishita Gupta, Undergraduate, Economics/Earth Systems, Stanford  
Aayushi Patel, Undergraduate, Economics and Global Health, Duke
Aditya Gaur, Undergraduate, Duke


Darsel logo

Darsel is a supplemental learning platform for K12 students with limited internet access. It leverages AI to deliver interactive and personalized learning through low-bandwidth channels like SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Abdulhamid Haidar, MBA Candidate, Graduate School of Business, Stanford 

ELF - Expressive Low-Budget Filmmaking

Expressive Low-Budget Filmmaking logo

ELF (Expressive Low-Budget Filmmaking) is a collaborative project where people with various backgrounds come together to learn filmmaking, create amazing videos, and share them with friends.

Brian Chien, M.S., Learning, Design & Technology Program, Stanford   
Tonya Murray, M.S. Student, Learning, Design & Technology Program, Stanford|
Lexa Brieck, M.A. Student, Media Design, Keio University, Japan 
Lawrence Quest, M.A. Student, Media Design, Keio University, Japan 

Whale Watchers

Whale Watchers logo

Whale Watchers teaches underserved elementary school students about well-being (social, physical, relationships, mindsets) and how to maintain it by playing with a lovable family of well-being whales.

Anna Hudson, Undergraduate, Bioengineering and Computer Science, Stanford  
Sam Prieto Serrano, Undergraduate, Science, Technology and Society

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