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Current Projects: Learning Differences

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The Transforming Learning Accelerator supports research projects aimed at creating solutions for learners with disabilities. Seed grants were awarded to five projects in Winter 2021 in collaboration with mediaX at Stanford University the Industry Affiliate Partner inside the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Developing a Computationally Precise Description of Early Interactive Learning and Its Impact on Later Development

  • Principal Investigator: Nick Haber, Graduate School of Education

Toward New Taxonomies of Student by Treatment Interactions in Special Education: Validating Neural Metrics of Engagement with Naturalistic Stimuli using Mobile EEG

  • Principal Investigator: Bruce McCandliss
  • Research team: Blair Kaneshiro, School of Humanities and Sciences; Anthony Norcia, School of Humanities and Sciences

Personalizing Support for Individuals’ Development of Self-regulation Using Boolean Network-based Methods and Metrics

  • Principal Investigator: Nilam Ram, School of Humanities and Sciences
  • Research team: Thomas Robinson, School of Medicine; Byron Reeves, School of Humanities and Sciences; Xiao Yang, School of Humanities and Sciences

Using AI Analysis of Mobile Games to Both Track and Treat a Continuum of Early Childhood Learning

  • Principal Investigator: Dennis Wall, School of Medicine
  • Research team: James A Landay, School of Humanities and Sciences; Gary Darmstadt, School of Medicine; Nick Haber, Graduate School of Education

Automated Online Assessment of Reading Ability to Enable Personalized Education

  • Principal Investigator: Jason Yeatman, Graduate School of Education, School of Medicine
  • Research team: Heidi Feldman, School of Medicine; Klint Kanopka, Graduate School of Education