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We invite you to help transform learning.

The Transforming Learning Accelerator brings people together in many ways: research collaborations, partnerships, convenings, learning opportunities, and more. We know engagement with diverse communities of scholars and practitioners will help move ideas forward.

Ways to Participate

The Transforming Learning Accelerator brings the full force of a world class university to one of the most necessary and impactful facets of society. Everything from wealth to wellness is influenced by educational attainment. The Accelerator is audacious in its vision to more quickly deliver tested learning solutions to all. It employs a novel approach that addresses challenges facing learners distinctly and demands new collaborations across fields and industries that haven’t worked together before. Helping create positive change is within our reach and responsibility. There are many ways you can get involved.

Digital Design Challenge

Inviting students to bring their creativity and innovation to help solve the most pressing challenges facing learners today.

Link to Digital Design Challenge
EdTech Affiliate Program

Encouraging our members to become partners in a bold vision to make learning more scientific, more learner-centered, and more collaborative.

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Faculty Affiliates

Creating new opportunities for faculty across disciplines to bring their creativity and expertise to the new challenges of all learners.

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Learning Partners

Working across all sectors, forging new ties between research and practice, and setting new ambitions for discovery in all aspects of learning.

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