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Stanford Learning Partners works across all of Stanford’s schools and across multiple outside sectors, building “many to many” networks for collaboration. We're bringing proven approaches to each challenge, informed by a common set of values and goals. Our collaborations take many forms, tailored to the needs of both our partners and the learning communities they serve. We're establishing a culture of co-discovery, allowing for the flexibility needed to respond to opportunities however they present themselves. The hallmarks of these collaborations include:

Knowledge sharing and idea generation - Listening and sharing experiences, findings, and ideas with partners helps to identify areas of great need, promising opportunities, and paths forward. In the moment, bi-directional knowledge exchange helps to refine research questions and leverage industry tools for better learning solutions.  For the long term, these partnerships will help us plan a better future. Together with the most thoughtful and innovative partners in learning, we look forward and chart a path that better prepares all learners for a future that will likely be quite different from today. 

Co-creation of research and tools – By co-creating with partners we ensure that effective learning solutions have the potential for equitable distribution and uptake – that they are evidence-based, cost effective, easy to use, accessible, and designed for broad appeal. This begins by jointly planning iterative cycles of design, implementation, and analysis in real-world settings. 

Joint scaling of solutions – To accelerate research to practice, we work with partners to disseminate evidence-based solutions broadly. To enable widespread adoption, we co-design outreach mechanisms that leverage Stanford and partner expertise and networks. Every organization brings their own communication platforms and networks. Tapping these systems allows us to share, train, and/or institutionalize learning solutions for targeted populations. These include teachers, caregivers, government administrators, employees, community members, and others. We also leverage Stanford’s expertise in professional development, convening, and dissemination through our national and global contacts. 

Sustained long-term collaborations foster the necessary trust for authentic, real-time input on critical issues to help yield ground-breaking discoveries relevant to learning. 

Please email Geoff Cox to learn more about joining our Learning Partners Community.