About Us

Welcome to the Stanford Accelerator for Learning

Housed at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, the Stanford Accelerator for Learning is an interdisciplinary hub for researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and others to collaborate on learning solutions. The Stanford Accelerator for Learning supports researchers with funding and other resources and brings together partners from outside and across Stanford. Stanford Accelerator for Learning is a key part of Stanford’s vision to accelerate solutions for the betterment of humanity.


Our vision is to accelerate solutions to the most pressing challenges facing learners.

Stanford Accelerator for Learning is currently focused on six areas that show high need and high promise including digital learning, early childhood education, learning differences, equity in learning, policy and systems change, and adult and workforce learning.


Our mission is to leverage the revolution in brain and learning sciences, data, and technology and to collaborate across disciplines and with partners to bring scalable and equitable solutions to all learners

Stanford Accelerator for Learning connects experts from the sciences, medicine, engineering, law, and the humanities to expedite solutions for all learners. We also bring researchers and partners in the field together to achieve true system change.

Our Team

Bio photo of Kristen Pilner Blair

Kristen Pilner Blair

Director of Research, Digital Learning

Bio photo of Geoffrey M. Cox

Geoffrey M. Cox

Director, Stanford Learning Partners

Philip Fisher

Faculty Director, Stanford Center on Early Childhood

Isabelle Hau

Executive Director

Bio photo of Elizabeth Kozleski

Elizabeth Kozleski

Faculty Co-Director, Learning Differences

Susanna Loeb

Faculty Director, Systems Change for Advancing Learning and Equity (SCALE)

Bio photo of Ira Lit

Ira Lit

Faculty Co-Director, Learning Differences

Bio photo of Nereyda Salinas

Nereyda Salinas

Co-Director, Stanford Learning Partners

Bio photo of Dan Schwartz

Dan Schwartz

I. James Quillen Dean, Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Educational Technology, and The Halper Family Faculty Director of the Stanford Accelerator for Learning

Candace Thille

Faculty Director, Adult and Workforce Learning

Angela Hall Watkins

Associate Dean for External Relations