Our Work

Creating a sustainable model for advancing science, pursuing innovative designs, and turning discoveries into scalable and equitable solutions for all learners.

Despite decades of calls to improve educational quality and access, there is continued frustration at the pace of improvement and persistent inequalities. We’re proposing a new theory of change – one that emphasizes combining Stanford’s unique strengths in science and design with a clear focus on helping specific groups of learners and the institutions that serve them.

Currently, we are supporting research and design projects focused on challenges facing children and young adults and these projects tackle challenges within our five initial areas of concentration: Digital Learning, Early Childhood, Learning Differences, Workforce Learners and Underserved Learners.

Digital Learning

Combining science and design to understand the nature of digital learning while developing creative and tested solutions and practices.

A person in a red sweater takes notes with a blue pen in front of a laptop
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Early Childhood

Examining individual and societal factors to understand the whole child and design tailored solutions for every child, especially those most at risk.

The hands of young children grab large chalk crayons that are organized in a cardboard box
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Learning Differences

Connecting multidisciplinary scholars from medicine, computer science, and education to create solutions for learners with disabilities.

A young boy in a wheelchair looks at a book on a table in front of him
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Workforce Learners

Deploying new advances in technology, science, and design to partner with companies and nonprofits to prepare workers for new dynamic opportunities.

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Under Resourced

Analyzing the roles of race, culture, poverty, community, and identity in the learning and teaching processes that perpetuate educational disparities.

A group of young students sit on the floor as their teacher sits in a chair showing them an illustration in a book
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