Annual Report

The 2020-2021 year was an exciting, albeit challenging, time to kick-off the Transforming Learning Accelerator. The strong commitment to our mission by our affiliated scholars, supporters, and staff helped us reach our goals.

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Announcements, Digital Learning

New round of seed grants to support design and research of virtual field trips

Faculty, staff, and students across all disciplines are invited to propose concept-proving research and designs that will advance learning in the area of virtual field trips.


Creating new opportunities for working learners

A Stanford-led convening brought employers, educators and researchers together to frame an applied science of adult learning.

Announcements, Learning Differences

New seed grants to foster research on learning differences

Selection committee will look for projects that engage diverse perspectives to create novel solutions.

Research, Digital Learning

Stanford scholars put data to work for learners

At the Transforming Learning Accelerator Spring Summit, Professors Victor Lee and Emma Brunskill reveal new ways data is helping improve learning tools and understanding.

Research, Digital Learning

Using technology to improve human performance and relationships

Stanford researchers Nick Haber and Carla Pugh describe how technological advances are fueling new learning tools.

Learning Differences, Research

Stanford neuroscientists and education scholars work together on interventions to improve learning

At the Transforming Learning Accelerator Spring Summit, Stanford researchers Jo Boaler and Jason Yeatman discuss how advances in brain sciences are impacting education


Inaugural Transforming Learning Accelerator Summit highlights innovative research into how people learn

The virtual conference featured three panels on how breakthroughs in neuroscience, technology, and data, and shaping education.

Digital Learning

Increasing access with virtual field trips

Stanford webinar explains how virtual field trips can enhance learning opportunities.


Stanford initiatives proceed despite pandemic, trustees learn ↗

Stanford trustees received briefings on such university initiatives as the new school for climate and sustainability and undergraduate education enhancements, as well as pandemic progress and campus activities.

Digital Learning

There’s nothing remote about this virtual Ramadan at Stanford

The Markaz, in collaboration with other campus groups and the Stanford Transforming Learning Accelerator, debuts an online gathering space for Ramadan.

Long-Range Vision updates

Stanford accelerators move knowledge to impact in the world ↗

Stanford’s Long-Range Vision seeks to increase and accelerate both the creation of new knowledge through foundational research and the uptake of that knowledge as solutions for urgent problems in climate, learning, health and society.

Learning Differences, Research

Stanford researchers connect families with tech designers to support students with learning differences

Participants in the Transforming Learning Accelerator project work across cultures and language to develop remote-teaching tools.

Early Childhood

Stanford-led study highlights the importance of letting kids take the lead ↗

Research led by Jelena Obradović finds that too much parental involvement when children are focused on an activity can undermine development.


Closing the Research-Practice Gap in Education ↗

Research-practice partnerships can help academic researchers and school district leaders discover what works for schools and classrooms.

Long-Range Vision updates

Long-Range Vision annual report details activities for 2019-20 ↗

In the past year, initiatives associated with the Long-Range Vision created new educational programs, issued seed grants and generated programs to address affordability, among other activities.

Research, Digital Learning

Field Education Goes Virtual ↗

Along with the rest of the world, Stanford EARTH Field Education has moved entirely online, posing particular challenges for field trips.

Long-Range Vision updates

Stanford’s Long-Range Vision focused on accelerating university impact ↗

Initiatives that arose out of the university’s Long-Range Vision have been making progress toward the goal of accelerating Stanford’s impact in the world. That includes launching new programs to address urgent challenges and expanding our excellence in research and education.

Long-Range Vision updates

Stanford’s Transforming Learning accelerator focuses on science and design of learning to improve education for all ↗

Multidisciplinary teams will address chronic challenges in education by targeting solutions to specific groups of learners.

Long-Range Vision updates

Stanford trustees hear presentations on renewing liberal education, undergraduate research, and the science and design of learning ↗

At its Dec. 2-3 meeting, the board also heard an update on investment responsibility, set 2020-21 tuition and made enhancements to the university’s financial aid program.